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Compliance matters!

We recently had our routine Access NI compliance audit and found it to be extremely beneficial. We ended up asking the auditor more questions than him to us! Our auditor was a knowledgeable, kind man who listened to us and advised us accordingly.  


A few weeks back we ran a satisfaction survey with all of our temporary workers and had a huge response (a more detailed blog on this will be available soon). One of the points raised was the amount of compliance needed to register and questions were asked on the necessity of running such checks. 


Access NI checks are non-transferable in Northern Ireland. This means that you need to run a check per company that you work for. There are working plans within Access NI to move to a transferable check, however a date has not yet been set for this. As Agency, you will be required to renew your check annually. 


Access NI ask for original evidence to be documented to prove you are who you say you are. They give strict guidelines about the documentation needed, that as an agency we must abide by. You must state your name on the Access Ni online application to mirror how your name is printed on your photographic ID. Given that most of our temporary workers are placed in settings with adults regulated activity and children, we must ensure that you are fully vetted before you go out to work. This is in your interest as it secures your professional registration and safety at work. 


As we are highly contracted with the NHS we are legally obliged to run the following compliance on every temporary worker who is registering for a clinical role:

  • Access NI (enhanced).
  • Fit to work certificate – This is why we ask for your immunisation history. This is to protect you when out working and to ensure you are fit to carry out the duties of your job. It is also to find out if there are any reasonable adjustments needed for you to do your job.
  • Application form and references – Within the health and social care field we must cover your whole employment history, including any gaps in employment. We must also hold x2 satisfactory, professional references for you before you start work.
  • Training certificates –  NHS policy for all agency workers within clinical areas state that you must hold mandatory training. We work in connection with a local trainer to ensure your training is updated yearly.
  • Professional Body registration – This will be HCPC or NISCC depending on your qualification. We run web checks monthly to ensure you are live on the appropriate register.


We respect that there is an in-depth registration process, however compliance will always come first at Keenan Healthcare. We hold ISO 9001:2015 accreditation and as such Mark Duggan, our Business Administration Manager runs in-house audits every month at Keenan Healthcare. He works tirelessly to ensure that all checks are in place for when you are out working. He works with our Consultants so that plenty of notice can be given to you for renewing certificates as and when needed.


If you would like to hear more about registering for work at Keenan Healthcare please call our specialist team T: 028 90511480 or email your CV to info@keenanhealthcare.co.uk

All live vacancies can be found on our website  www.keenanhealthcare.co.uk