After a personal Family loss I made the decision to return to work after a 3 year absence. From the moment I contacted Keenan Recruitment, I was so impressed with the professional and caring approach adopted by this Agency. Having worked at a senior level in HR for over 20 years, I wish to place on record that Keenan are so far advanced of the other Agencies which I have dealt with during my career, in terms of customer care and efficiency. I specifically wish to register my sincere thanks to Laura-Lee for all the support she has given me during my time with Keenan. She is so passionate about what she does and she merges her professional skills along with a truly caring and supportive approach seamlessly. She is a real asset to Keenan. Whilst I have taken the decision to leave my current place of work, I may well decide to seek alternative work in the future. Should that happen my first port of call will be to Keenan Recruitment. Thank you so much for your wonderful service and kindness.

Paul B
HR Manager

I would like to say thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work for Keenan. I have enjoyed every moment of my time working for the company and any problems I had you all sorted them out straight away. Keenan has given me the motivation to push myself further in my education. I love working as a healthcare assistant and I would like to become a nurse some day. Thank you for everything.

Anne T
Healthcare Support Worker

My experience from changing from working as a support worker in a residential setting to a health care setting in a hospital has been a really positive one for me. At first I was apprehensive and nervous as I never worked in a hospital before but with the amazing help from Kerry and the team at Keenan, my experience was made a lot easier as they provide the best around the the clock support to their staff and make the recruitment process uncomplicated! Working as a HCSW in a hospital setting has given me a lot of opportunities to progress and develop my skills as well as gain new skills that I would not have had the chance to experience working in a residential setting, by meeting new people every day and helping new patients with a range of different medical needs on various wards. I couldn’t recommend taking that step forward and putting yourself out there to learning new things and Keenan is the agency to do that with.

Taylor H
Healthcare Support Worker

My feedback for Keenan is nothing but positive. The process right from the start was made so easy and Laura-Lee was always on hand for any questions and queries I had. I have now gone on to get permanent work in a job that I love. None of this would have been possible without Keenan, so I am incredibly grateful.

Rebecca W
Support Worker

Having been seeking a new role and registering with Keenan Recruitment, I was offered an interview with NIAS on a 6 month basis. The on boarding was very efficient and informative. The communication from the Keenan team was very professional and they answered my queries in a very timely manner. Having had this experience I would absolutely recommend them, as a recruitment agency as unlike some; they treat you not only professionally but more importantly as a human being.

Gavin P
Senior HR Advisor

I have only positive things to say about my experience working with Keenan Recruitment. My Consultant Katherine Pringle was friendly, approachable and professional. She was caring and attentive as well ensuring I never missed a timesheet deadline and regularly checking in to make sure all was going well and offering her support. The online timesheets are great, easy to use and quick to fill out. I would definitely recommend Keenan to anyone.

Anna D
Speech & Language Therapist

I have had a very positive experience with Keenan Recruitment and would highly recommend your company to anyone. The process to get registered was well explained and quick. My recruitment consultant Katherine was very helpful throughout my whole employment - from getting registered, settled in to my new role and during employment. Communication was easy, very prompt and always willing to help. The online timesheets make documenting hours and receiving payments hassle-free. The employment also was a great stepping stone to permanent employment within the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust. Thanks for all your help during my time with Keenan recruitment.

Eamonn G

I just want to note my thanks and appreciation to Aideen throughout my time at Keenan Recruitment. She has been very supportive and understanding since I joined in November 2019, and is always there to answer any queries I may have. I would highly recommend Keenan Recruitment to any of my family and friends and wish you every success for the future. Thanks again.

Philip N
Personal Secretary

I have been so impressed with Keenan who found me a great post within days of registering with them. The staff have been supportive, professional and responsive and answered all my queries in a timely and friendly manner. I was always kept informed of additional job opportunities. Everything felt effortless with Keenan and I will be recommending them to everyone! They will be the first agency I consider in the future. Thank you to everyone in Keenan!

Holley L
Qualified Social Worker

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Keenan Recruitment - especially with Laura-Lee who was always very helpful. I was able to access great opportunities and gain experience in a Hospital Social Work setting. I would definitely recommend Keenan Recruitment and hope to work with you again at some point in the future.

Kirsty McC
Qualified Social Worker

Thank you all at Keenan for all your help, the process of joining was effortless and everyone was so helpful. Keenan has given me the opportunity to move smoothly from a job I was unhappy into a role which I am enjoying. I will be recommending Keenan to everyone from now on, having been with other agencies I have found Keenan to be the most professional and supportive, particularly yourself Laura-Lee!

Holley L
Qualified Social Worker

Having now secured a permanent post I want to express my sincere thanks to Keenan for what has been an excellent experience. I have worked for Keenan Recruitment for 10 months now. I applied for the position of Solicitor in December of last year and commenced my post at the beginning of January. From the very beginning I was very impressed by the professionalism and efficiency at Keenan. Laura-Lee was excellent and my employment checks were completed very quickly. In my career I have worked for a couple of other Agencies and I have to say I was very impressed by Keenan. I had no problems at all throughout my time with Keenan and found everything very easy, from the online timesheet system to pay and conditions including annual leave and payslips. Laura-Lee answered every query very quickly, literally sometimes within minutes. I never had to wait for a response. I am delighted to have secured a permanent post and am very grateful for the experience and opportunity I have gained through my employment with Keenan. I would highly recommend Keenan Recruitment to anyone as the most professional Agency I have ever worked with. Thank you so much and best wishes for the future.

Lynsey E

Everything was different, sometimes strange during this Covid time. None of us has the right words or feelings to described this new reality. I feel really lucky and proud of this accomplishment. Thank you for all the prompt support, via telephone and email. Laura-Lee was always there for me, my doubts, questions and requests. Wish you all the best, individually and as a team at Keenan. Please continue to be like a 'bridge'. More than ever, today, people that are looking for a job and services that need people. They will need your support and your 'bridge' to make sense of our new reality and to offer the better service in a caring way of working together. Thank you.

Sónia F

I have worked for Keenan Recruitment for nearly a year now and is one of the best decisions I have made. I started with Keenan a few months before starting Adult Nursing in February, not only is it flexible but is really great for gaining care experience and building confidence in a hospital environment. With Keenan, I am able to choose my own hours that fits around university hours, placement hours and study time.

Jessica McW
Healthcare Support Worker

Working with Keenan has provided so many opportunities to develop on my clinical skills outside of placements and university. The idea that you could receive any clinical area to work in, depending on where the available shifts are going, it has expanded my skills from working in different clinical environments and adding to my experience which I can then apply to within placement. The bonus to it all, is getting paid for the hours worked and it is a great opportunity to earn extra money, especially when we are so limited as students with our income due to being on unpaid placement 37.5 hours a week. It works well within your full time course, as there is no pressure involved as they are flexible with shifts as you provide your availability and usually you receive shifts.  I would highly recommend working with Keenan Recruitment as it can help to expand on your clinical skills, which will benefit you in placements and become more competent, therefore working towards becoming a better Nurse upon qualifying.

Zara M
Healthcare Support Worker

I contacted Keenan Recruitment following my decision to return to social work after 7 years. I met Laura-Lee, very professional and made the daunting experience stress free. Always supportive and available with any query I had during my application process. I secured employment within a matter of weeks following my checks being processed. Laura-Lee continued to be available and responded to any correspondence the same day. Thank you.

Claire T
Qualified Social Worker

I was so impressed by the professionalism and efficiency at Keenan. I have been with a number of agencies and this experience was by far the best. Laura-Lee and Aideen were always available to help and answered all queries quickly. I never had any issues with pay. I never had any issues with holidays. You are honestly a fantastic agency. Through my experience with Keenan, I gained permanent employment in the post I was placed in by Laura Lee. I will always be grateful for that opportunity.

Steph C
Qualified Social Worker

I want to thank Aideen for being such an amazing Manager. She has been a great support system throughout my time with Keenan. Anything I needed, queried or asked for, she was always on the ball and very prompt. I never had to wait long periods for an answer or an email back. Anyone I have come into contact with in Keenan whether it was administrative staff or Aideen, everyone has and always been so polite and helpful and nothing ever seemed like a hindrance or a stupid question. Dealing and working with the agency was a pleasure and an absolute breeze. This has been due to the staff. I have loved every minute of it. Will definitely recommend Keenan to family & friends and if I ever need a job in future I will be returning myself. Thank you.

Noeleen S
Senior Administrator

I literally could not have got this role, or get into the Trust without your help and support. You are amazing at what you do, and have helped change my life. Thank you so so much.

Becca Q
Qualified Social Worker

Having secured a permanent post I want to take the time to thank Keenan Recruitment for their amazing support, particularly Laura-Lee. Laura-Lee takes a tailored approach and it is that very reason that I have secured a permanent position and I cannot thank her enough. Throughout my time with Keenan, Laura-Lee has always been available to answer questions and assist me when needed. Moving forward I will continue to recommend her to aspiring social workers.

Donna W
Qualified Social Worker

I joined the Keenan family approximately 3 years ago. I was made redundant from my Social Work Management post. I looked for a post in various places but I was unsuccessful. I did lose some of my confidence as I was well qualified and experienced. I was on the wrong side of 60 and felt I had to accept that my work life had finished. But! I found my way to Keenan where I met Aideen. She made me feel that I was not finished and that there was something for me. She really did give me back my confidence. Sure enough along came my first post in Belfast Trust, I never worked in a community team before so was a bit apprehensive but again Aideen was full of encouragement. I spent near 2 years there and enjoyed every minute. I have just complete 2 years in a Mental Health post in SE Trust. Now I have been given a contract so I have to say good-bye to Aideen and Laura-Lee who has kept me right and nothing was too much bother for her. I am very appreciative to everyone at Keenan so thank you.

Elaine H
Qualified Social Worker

I would like to thank Laura-Lee at Keenan Recruitment for her ongoing support and professionalism. Qualifying as a social worker in 2017 Keenan offered me the opportunity to experience various fields within social work which subsequently enabled me to secure a permanent Trust job within my chosen field. Laura-Lee has always been extremely supportive of me in every decision I made. Offering me these great opportunities has helped me learn and develop within my carer. Thank you so much Laura-Lee and will always be grateful for all you have done for me.

Bronagh M
Qualified Social Worker

I am a band 5 Social Worker who has just been offered a permanent post, therefore will be leaving Keenan. I cannot recommend Keenan Recruitment enough. I have had regular contact with Laura-Lee, and from the beginning of my Keenan experience she has been amazing. She always provided advice and guidance and answered any questions I had (no matter how silly). Beginning a new job as a Qualified Social Worker was a daunting experience however Laura Lee put me at ease and organised everything I needed prior to starting in post. The website and timesheet system is user friendly and easy to use, I have personally experienced no issues with this. The recruitment process was a smooth one and I am grateful for all of the support I have received from Keenan (specifically Laura Lee) in my first year as a qualified social worker!

Ellen B
Qualified Social Worker

I have been with Keenan for nearly a year now, I’m loving every minute! The dedication of the staff is amazing, Kerry has been outstanding with me no matter what I need she is always there to help, always going out of her way for all of us! Mark is 100% with any questions or queries I have regarding training, payroll etc! And Aideen and Laura-Lee anytime I have called regarding anything they have always been so quick to get any query I have sorted! Honestly I couldn’t be prouder to work for a better team! Yous are all amazing and I’m so proud to be a part of Keenan!

Ashleigh G
Healthcare Support Worker

I hope you remain safe and well throughout this ongoing pandemic. I just wanted to note my thanks and appreciation for Laura-Lee throughout my time here at Keenan. She has been supportive and understanding when needed the most. Her ongoing professionalism throughout this difficult time has brought a sense of normality and confidence to myself and practice. As a frontline worker for Keenan, this agency and her individual support has been imperative at this time and every time in-between. Thank-you always!

Ashley C
Qualified Social Worker

Working for Keenan Recruitment has been a very professional and pleasant experience. I have been treated with utmost respect and everything about this has been friendly and manageable. Laura-Lee supported me when I began and throughout my employment with Keenan and I gratefully thank her for that. Thank you for the opportunity.

Eithne L.
Qualified Social Worker

I cannot thank the staff at Keenan enough for all their help and support in getting me started in my social work career. They listened to me, respected my preferences and responded quickly to any queries I had. Genuinely guys, you have been amazing and I am so grateful for your support. Thank you so much Mark for your support over the years, I cannot describe what it has meant to me. I'll be encouraging anyone keen to get started in social work to gain experience working for your agency.

Stephanie J
Qualified Social Worker

This is my overall feedback of my time being employed with Keenan. I have only positive things to say. The registration process was simple and easy. Laura-Lee was amazing. She helped me so much to find a job suited to my preferences. Timesheets are very easy to follow and being able to complete these online makes it quick and simple to complete each week. Thank you so much for all your help and especially to Laura-Lee.

Erin McK
Qualified Social Worker

Thank you Laura-Lee so much for your help and support throughout the year. It wasn’t an easy decision to go back to work after being off so long on sick leave but you helped me get back into the way of things again. It is much appreciated and I always highly recommend your organisation. Best wishes for the future.

Zarah G
Social Care Worker

Laura-Lee, you have been amazing, honestly I am sad to leave. You’ve been so supportive and accommodating. Thank you so much for all your help.

Madeline McL
Qualified Social Worker

My experience with Keenan Healthcare has been extremely positive. Throughout my relocation back to NI, Laura-Lee was always on hand to support and guide me through the agency employment process. Communication with Keenan Healthcare was excellent, as all staff provided timely responses to queries. A very person centred approach provided by Keenan Healthcare and I would definitively recommend this agency to others.

Demi B
Qualified Social Worker

Just wanted to say thank you to all the team for getting me the ASD post. You were always helpful in the search for work and kept in touch regularly. Any queries I had were always responded to promptly, which was always much appreciated. I definitely would go back through yourselves if I needed some help getting my foot in the door again!

Clodagh R
Speech and Language Therapist

I would just like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you for everything you have done for me. Keenan Healthcare has been a fantastic agency to work with and you are always at hand when I need anything. It has provided me with a wealth of experience which I am now utilising in my social work post here in Australia. You are doing a fab job, so thanks for everything!

Chloe J
Qualified Social Worker

I feel very fortunate to be working with someone as supportive, approachable and efficient as my Consultant at Keenan. She deals with any issues really quickly and is always ready to answer any queries! I am really glad to have found enjoyable work through such a helpful and dependable person.

Sarah A
Call Handler

Thanks to you all for my time at Keenan Healthcare...you got me the work I wanted so quickly and have always provided a professional and friendly service, someone always available no matter what the query. You all provided me with help and great support throughout my placement always going that extra mile. Wishing you all the very best!!

Nicola K
Qualified Social Worker

I wanted to thank you Laura-lee, for all your support in helping me secure employment following my graduation. Really supporting me with the application process and identifying a position that reflected my future goals. The process was completely new to me and throughout my time in the post every question was answered allowing me to settle into the role.

Ryan McC
Qualified Social Worker

Working with Keenan has been amazing, from I registered with them I had a post within one day. Aideen or Laura-lee was always available at the other end of the phone or email if I needed to speak with them. There was never any issues with wages or holiday pay and uploading timesheets online made it so easy. Thank-you for all your help

Toni S
Qualified Social Worker

This is the first time that I'm working as a temp and Keenan made it really easy for me since the start. I have been working with Keenan since the beginning of February '19 and the only thing I can say is you are doing a great job. Keenan is amazing. Always replies very quickly and provides clear answers.

Guillaume L
IT Support Officer

I was unsure as to how long I would be waiting on work once I finished my placement. My placement offered me a post through agency whilst I was awaiting results of my interviews from the Trusts. Keenan Healthcare helped me through this process. They were approachable and more than happy to answer any questions I had. Signing up was a simple process and it enabled me to get started whilst waiting for my assignment and interview results. Whilst I am leaving Keenan Healthcare to move onto a permanent position elsewhere, it has provided a great stepping stone into Social Work as a profession. It enabled me to better my skills and experience in order to develop my confidence before moving on to a permanent post. Thanks again for all of your support to date Laura-Lee!

Angela K
Qualified Social Worker

After searching through hundreds of jobs and websites I came across an add by Keenan Healthcare in August 2018. I applied and received a phone call from Keenan who were amazing from day one, they made the whole process extremely easy for me. After filling in the correct forms and documentation they gave me directions to the post and I got started, everything ran smoothly and I communicated with Keenan as often as I needed to. They are always responsive and helpful and I am actually extremely happy that I came across her by chance. Even when I wanted to change my role she was understanding and more than happy to help me get to where I want to be. I would highly recommend using Keenan as they have been great for me from the very start – highly efficient and very easy to talk to.

Jessica T
Administration Officer

I have been working for Keenan for a year now since qualifying as a social worker. Laura-Lee has been brilliant and found me 2 social work posts which have been so well suited to me and I have never been out of work. I have now accepted a permanent post with the job I started with Keenan. The advice and support from Laura-Lee has been amazing and I would definitely recommend Keenan to all new social workers!

Laura C
Qualified Social Worker

It has been an absolute pleasure working for Keenan - a most professional team. I really appreciate your help. Keenan always go above and beyond to help you. I would definitely recommend Keenan to anyone (which I have and they are really happy with the service that was provided to them).

Jenny M
Personal Secretary

I have found Keenan professional whilst also being friendly and pleasant to deal with. They answer any questions or queries I may have very quickly. I have found dealing with Keenan a pleasant experience without any hassle or inconvenience. Timesheets/holidays/wageslips/payments are all clear and on time.

Angela McL
Personal Assistant

I have been lucky enough to work through Keenan for 9 months. During this time they have been amazing. On my very first placement, on my first day they had gotten in touch to see how things were going and all going well. They were great when a placement came to an end and managed to get me another placement without a period of no work. They've always been very approachable and nothing is ever to much of an issue or a stupid question. From what I have heard from other agency workers say about their agency I know I am extremely lucky to have Keenan and have no doubt that they will do their best to help me get another placement when my current placement finishes.

Morag MacL
Clerical Officer

There has been excellent support for myself and my colleagues while working with Keenan. They always responds to emails and will answer any and all questions that we have. Before being offered my current role, They were great at checking in with me regarding available positions and the status of my application. Always very friendly and willing to help.

Rebekah K
Speech & Language Therapist

My experience has been brilliant thanks to Kerry. She's friendly and down to earth and so welcoming, she helped me from the beginning from when I went for an informal chat about the job, up to helping me with with Holidays or timesheets, right up to getting a shift swapped. She makes everything as easy and as stress free as possible. keenan Healthcare is a great company to work for. I work part time and never really had a problem with getting a shift and there's always extra shifts if you need them. Thank you Kerry for all you have done for me.

Casey C
Healthcare Support Worker

Kerry has made the process very simple and straight forward for registering. She helped me step by step to get signed up. My payslip was initially incorrect and Kerry sorted it and still had the correct pay in my account on the correct date. Nothing seems too much. I really enjoy my shifts. I highly recommend Kerry and Keenan Healthcare. Great company to work for!

Vicki C
Healthcare Support Worker

I’ve only been with Keenan for a short period of time and as up to date I have never experienced any problems or had any issues arise whilst spending my time here. Given my previous employment as a senior and oncall officer in the private domiciliary care sector, my new career change with Keenan has been a breath of fresh air and a lot less stressful. Each week I am able to work days and times that suit myself and my lifestyle, be guaranteed weekly that I receive a wage-slip in my email and have my wage enter my account at the correct date even if there have been holiday periods, which could have had an affect on this. Also the procedure in which Keenan uses to communicate regarding shifts and any information that needs to be passed regarding the workplace and any changes that occur is very easy and sufficient to follow. Kerry herself has been very helpful in assisting with any queries I’ve made and also on one occasion where a personal issue had arisen for myself and had an impact on me not being able to turn in for a shift that I had been previously booked for, Kerry quickly and professionally covered this. She took that worry and burden from me along with showing some care and support to my given situation. Lastly I would like to mention that before I made the decision to move to this new employment, I had a fear that because Keenan was an agency I would not receive shifts and hours I needed each week but can honestly say that up to date, this has never been a problem. Overall and speaking from a personal view I enjoy working for Keenan and wish I had made the change a lot sooner.

Sarah G
Healthcare Support Worker

Thank you so much for all the support from Keenan Healthcare. Moving from Scotland to return to work in Northern Ireland I have found the service from Keenan, extremely positive and seamless. It was reassuring that the information given to me and appropriate paperwork was clear and processed in a timely way. I received a prompt and helpful responses to any of my queries. I was delighted with the post accessed and the potential social work job opportunities offered to me that met my skill set. It is also positive that Keenan Agency workers can achieve access to staff health benefits etc. I would highly recommend Keenan Healthcare to Social Workers seeking Agency employment.

Tiffany W
Qualified Social Worker

I highly recommend Keenan Healthcare to other health care professionals . Kerry at Keenan Healthcare has supported me right from the start . This is my first time working for an agency as a Healthcare Support Worker in a hospital and Kerry has helped me every step of the way . I love my job with Keenan Healthcare. I get to choose my own hours, choose where I work, I get paid every week, and Kerry is always there for me when I need her .

Elaine Q
Healthcare Support Worker

Keenan is a great place to work. Very easy and straight forward registration and Kerry is always there for any help I need and gets in touch right away.

Joseph E
Healthcare Support Worker

I really enjoy working for Keenan. Communication is always brilliant and any questions I have Kerry is always back to me straight away with any answers I need. I've found the company is very supportive and friendly you don't just feel like a number. Anytime I need a shift they always go out of their way to try and get me one, and my pay is always in on time, no problems and always correct. Its also really easy to fill out timesheets and send them through. I'm really happy working for keenan and couldn't recommend them enough!

Kerry McC
Healthcare Support Worker

Absolutely delighted to be offered a Trust post but sad to be leaving Keenan! Nothing but good things to say about this amazing company,warm friendly staff who are always on the end of an email or phone. Big thank you to the whole team, who are always happy to answer my endless questions. Genuinely sad to be leaving. Thanks for everything.

Dannielle B
Occupational Therapist

I’ve had a brilliant experience working with Keenan Healthcare. From my initial contact with Keenan whilst living abroad, planning a move home, they were more than helpful and well organised in getting the ball rolling to find an SLT post suited for myself. I was supported well by Keenan in transitioning into the post, gaining essential training and development, and working in the trust as agency staff. Thank you to everyone at Keenan for a positive start to my career!

Dervla McG
Speech & Language Therapist

My experience with keenan has been great, I highly recommend them as an employer. Laura- Lee has been particularly helpful and supportive throughout my time with Keenan!

Ruth McM
Qualified Social Worker

I have just secured a permanent job with the NHS which was made so easy with the help of Clodagh at Keenan. For 16 months I have worked within 2 different teams, built my experience up and really enjoyed my time working with Clodagh. She kept in contact with me and supported me through my posts. Thank you to everyone at Keenan, I will definitely be recommending you to friends and colleagues!

Luke S
Occupational Therapist

Keenan have helped me secure permanency within my current job and have been great support throughout my time with the agency! Laura-Lee has been particularly helpful and I cannot recommend Keenan enough as an employer!

Emma McC
Qualified Social Worker

Thanks a lot for all your help over the last year and a half. Your team is brilliant, and I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Clodagh, who was really supportive and helpful, always quick to answer to all my question and to solve any problems. I would definitely recommend Keenan Healthcare to everyone who is looking for a reliable agency. Again, many thanks to everybody.

Davide. G

I would like to thank Keenan Healthcare and, in particular Laura-Lee, for helping me find employment to commence my AYE. Laura-Lee was friendly, approachable and professional and I would highly recommend Keenan Healthcare to anyone seeking agency work. Thanks for everything!

Lynn McG
Qualified Social Worker

I could not say enough good things about Clodagh, she made my experience of working with Keenan Healthcare seamless and supported me throughout. She is a credit to the agency and if I ever need to use one again, I know where I will go.

Sinead K
Personal Assistant

From before I graduated over 2 years ago Keenan Healthcare were fantastic, they sorted a number of posts out for me and I couldn't have been happier. Thankfully I'm in a permanent post now, but I know that if I ever fancy a change that Keenan Healthcare will be the first people I call.

Al T
Qualified Social Worker

Couldn't recommend Keenan Healthcare enough! Aideen is an absolute star! Her support was amazing during the application process for my new job and she was so friendly, offered lots of help and encouragement and was only a phone call away if I needed anything

Joan M
Support Worker

Aideen is fabulous, so understanding and supportive, since working with Keenan Healthcare in November 2016. Keep up the great work and thank you!

Jessica N
Qualified Social Worker

I have been employed with Keenan Healthcare since February 2018. What can I say?!! Amazing company to work for!! Brilliant team.. And thanks to Kerry and Aideen for believing in me, I have just landed the job of my dreams!! Many thanks Keenan Healthcare and I hope you continue to be successful.

Nicola S
Healthcare Support Worker

A great agency! Big thank you to Laura-Lee who helped me secure my first Social Work job with ease. A pleasure to work with and have recommended Social Work students on the team to signup to Keenan Healthcare!

Carrie W
Qualified Social Worker

I started with Keenan Healthcare and within a week I got a post within a great organisation! They helped with every aspect of my return to work (after maternity) and continue to be a great source of support! Thank you.

Stephanie M
Qualified Social Worker

I initially joined a different recruitment agency when I left university and found that they put the interested of the post provider ahead of my needs. Keenan Healthcare do the opposite. They ensured that I had the post I needed and checked in to make sure I was enjoying my new role. Nothing is ever too much trouble. Laura-Lee is fantastic and will return every call and keeps every promise. I finally found an agency that cares and I have enjoyed working with them these past few months!!!!

Eileen S
Qualified Social Worker

Around 5 weeks ago i was reflecting on my job role. Although I loved my job, I found it was not challenging me and there was nowhere to go on a personal development progression level. I then started looking at what I would like to do by going through job adverts. That's when I came across Keenan Healthcare. I saw an ad and rang the team to gain more information on it. By that afternoon I was sitting in their office with Laura-Lee . A very welcoming, approachable, understanding lady that on hearing my qualifications and experience, made me feel I was more than capable of progressing forward to a new role. After a month of Laura-Lee's help, guidance, support , patience (as I want things next day lol) and hard work, I will be starting a new job on Monday!! So thank you Laura-Lee and Keenan Healthcare for delivering your high standard of services to people who are either out of work or people who just want to move on. Folks - don't think like I did, that agency work is for the unemployed, DEFINITELY NOT THE CASE!!!! Sign up to Keenan Healthcare now as you won't get any better agency.

Patricia C
Qualified Social Worker

Keenan Healthcare were superb from the outset. I met with my Consultant in person and they listened to what sort of work I was looking for, and gave me realistic options. Once in work, they would check in to see how I was going and give me feedback, I found them encouraging and supportive. Aideen & Laura-Lee's attitude and manner was pleasant and upfront. At a time of family bereavement, Aideen was totally understanding and her contact at that time, I will not forget it was "personal". Keenan Healthcare appears to be growing from strength to strength and this option of employment for new starts or returning staff is so beneficial. Thank u all so much and Good Luck MM.

Michelle M
Qualified Social Worker

I would just like to say a massive thank you to you Aideen, Laura- Lee and all your wonderful staff, for all your care, love and support throughout the time I have been with Keenan. Also for the opportunities that you have given me to get me where I am today. It has been an absolute pleasure and I can commend the outstanding job you all do.

Jenny S
Support Worker

Aideen, Mark and Clodagh at Keenan Healthcare, I thoroughly enjoyed working within the Health Care Sector from May 2018 and representing Keenan, such a professional agency and always at the other side for any advice when and if required. Many thanks to you all and continued success in the future, it has been a pleasure being one of your temps .

Nina McK

I worked as a social worker with Keenan Healthcare for 7 months. Laura-Lee made the whole process effortless. From signing up to Keenan to finding a job. If I ever had any queries, Laura-Lee always responded promptly. Timesheets are easily submitted and Laura-Lee always made sure they were in on time. I could not recommend Keenan Healthcare enough.

Ben M
Qualified Social Worker

Couldn't recommend Keenan Healthcare enough! Laura-Lee made my life easier. Her support was amazing throughout my time with Keenan, she was always available and I knew she was only a phone call or an email away should I need anything no matter how small a query it was. Thanks for all the support.

Ailish McG
Qualified Social Worker

Since working with Keenan Healthcare I have found it easy to secure work. Laura-Lee was my main contact and she was lovely to work with as she is so approachable and easy to talk openly with. Laura-Lee was in regular contact and kept me updated on potential jobs, which would provide excellent social work experience; this was my goal. I believe the work I have secured with Keenan Healthcare will be beneficial when applying for permanent Qualified Social Work posts. I would highly recommend anyone interested in this field to contact Laura-Lee!

Siobhan S
Qualified Social Worker

The time has come for me to start my Nursing degree and Kerry at Keenan Healthcare has been superb at explaining to me how I can work around my studies and stay on the wards that I love, through Agency. Although Nursing has been my goal for many years, I was worried about supporting myself with only a bursary to live on. Kerry explained that I can stay on keenan's books and work shifts as and when I need them. She has supported me the whole way through my application and know that she will continue to do so throughout my degree. Thank you Kerry for all of your help so far.

Aveen McN
Healthcare Support Worker

Thank you to whole team at Keenan Healthcare for all the support I received taking on my first post after graduation. They provide an exceptional service, always at the other end of the phone or email to help you with any of your queries. The ASD service were very welcoming to agency temp staff and helped me to develop the clinical skills I needed to secure a permanent position within the Trust. Make sure signing up with Keenan Healthcare is the first thing you do once you graduate! You will not regret it!

Nicola. W
Speech and Language Therapist

Keenan Healthcare has the human touch! From my first contact with staff I sensed they had my best interests at heart. Staff are very friendly, approachable and helpful. I really appreciated how I was listened to and my job preferences and locations were always taken into consideration. The process of changing jobs was also made very smooth by staff. Everybody was very efficient and had no problems explaining things to me and answering my queries throughout my time with Keenan. Keenan Healthcare is a fantastic recruitment agency and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Paula McC.
Qualified Social Worker

From the outset, I found Keenan Healthcare to be much more geared than other agencies, to getting me work which met my specific interests in the field of social work. Staff were hugely supportive and pleasant in manner. I am confident that they will find me further work in the future, should I need it. Thanks for all the help and support Laura Lee.

Rose Mary. M
Qualified Social Worker

I cannot thank Laura Lee enough for securing me my first Social Work job five days after graduating!!! I have spent six months with Keenan Healthcare agency, working as a mental health Social Worker for older people and I’ve loved every single second. Keenan have been a fantastic agency to deal with. All questions and queries are answered quickly. Wages have always been correct and on time. Thank you Laura-Lee for all your help and support. I feel the experience of this job has led me onto my next post. Forever Grateful!

Rachel. M
Qualified Social Worker

I cannot thank Keenan enough for securing me my first Physiotherapy role after graduating, which I have settled into really well. I had registered with several other agencies in June 2018, with no luck at all and was starting to lose hope. A friend recommended Keenan Healthcare in October and within 2 weeks of registering, I was compliant for work and ready to start my new job. They understood my frustration at the other agencies lack of will to find me a job and she fast tracked my application. Thank you Keenan for all of your help and for reassuring me that there was nothing wrong with my CV!

Liam McG

Kennan Healthcare have been fantastic over the past year and made returning to work an easy transition for me. Aideen and Laura-Lee have been professional, supportive, friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend Keenan Healthcare to any newly qualified Social Workers who are looking to gain experience.

Colleen. H.
Qualified Social Worker

I would like to thank the team and Aideen very much for all your help and support over the past year. The choice to move into the health care sector was a huge decision for me last year and I was nervous about the security agency employment would offer. Thankfully I've had a fantastic experience during which your team has been highly supportive and I've felt very secure in my roll. In the future I will be recommending your agency to friends and will be following your social media and websites for further opportunities.

Cearuillin Ni L
Residential Support Worker

Aideen Duggan - I just wanted to thank you again for all the work and effort you put in for me. Your support and advice throughout the process was invaluable to me and I would recommend Keenan Healthcare as a group and you personally within a heartbeat. I don’t think I have or ever will come across a Consultant like you, who is willing to go the extra mile and offer support day or night!

James G
Occupational Therapist

Couldn't recommend Keenan Healthcare enough! Aideen is an absolute star! Her support was amazing during the application process for my new job and she was so friendly, offered lots of help and encouragement and was only a phone call away if I needed anything.

Joan M
Residential Project Worker

From before I graduated over 2 years ago Keenan Healthcare were fantastic. They sorted a number of posts out for me and I couldn't have been happier. Thankfully I'm in a permanent post now, but I know that if I ever fancy a change that Keenan Healthcare will be the first people I call.

Al T
Qualified Social Worker

I find working for John at Keenan Healthcare very easy and straightforward. John is always friendly and easy to contact. The process is very simple and they provide excellent job opportunities.

Hannah A
Residential Support Worker

I have been working with Keenan Healthcare for just over a year now. I quickly moved from Band 2 Healthcare Assistant to Band 3 with a little extra training and the right choice of placements I was able to put all my training into action and get signed off for proof of competency from the Staff Nurses. I was so shocked when I received the call offering a new position that Lorraine and Aideen felt I was capable of. I was even more surprised when I got the call after interview to say that I had been selected for the job! I am now very happy in my new role of Band 4 Assistant Care Manager and will be sad when this comes to an end, but I know everyone in Keenan Healthcare will find me a brilliant role to move to. I have felt like a person and not a number from day one and this has continued throughout, especially when I have been unwell, so much support and concern was given. I just want to say a big thank you to the whole team for all their help and support so far.

Lesleyann S
Assistant Care Manager

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Keenan Healthcare, especially Lorraine who has supported me over the last few months to get where I am now as a Healthcare Support Worker. I am working in the hospitals and loving it. Lorraine has been so supportive and I can’t thank her and the team enough.

Jacqueline H
Healthcare Support Worker

I cannot thank Aideen enough! From the minute I registered with Keenan Healthcare I knew I had chosen the right Agency. I was nervous about starting a new job as a Qualified Social Worker but Aideen made me feel at ease and supported me in every way possible. This Agency goes out of their way to make sure you have the right post for you. I am so thankful to Aideen and the Team and would recommend Keenan Healthcare to everyone. Nothing is ever a bother to Aideen, she is genuinely one of the nicest women I have ever met and has made my transition from a student to Qualified Social Worker as simple as possible. I am forever grateful for all your help and support.

Sarah R
Qualified Social Worker

I would like to whole heartedly thank you very much Aideen and all the staff at Keenan Healthcare for giving me the opportunity to kick start my Social Work career. You guys are such an amazing team and your services are just out of this world. From the moment I walked into your offices to register with yourselves, l really felt at ease. I was greeted with so much warmth and also felt appreciated as a professional. I felt valued , which was very important for me, as l was an AYE student trying to find my "professional feet " after graduating . What made me realise that l had chosen the right Agency was that only just after 45 mins of registering with yourselves , I was offered a post!! I stayed in the same post for 8 months and am only leaving because I have been offered a permanent post by the Trust.

Blessed M
Qualified Social Worker

I would just like to highlight that Keenan Healthcare have been extremely supportive since I started working for them. They have given me several great opportunities and helped me to gain a lot of experience throughout various environments. I would also record the fact that at all times Vicky or Aideen are there if you have any problems or issues and are always willing to help you whenever they can. I would recommend this agency to anyone.

Emma. T.
Healthcare Support Worker

My consultant, has a sound knowledge of my sector of work as an Allied Health Professional in Occupational Therapy. He has been able to take note of my experiences within my CV and has done well in facilitating my job search around these to give me the best chances for success. I am pleased to say that I have been matched to a post within Occupational Therapy. I am throughly enjoying my time in this temporary post, and I have confidence in Keenan Healthcare that they will be able to find me another suitable post at the end of this contract. They did an outstanding amount of work in finding posts and putting me forward for each of them. They took into consideration my home locality, my preferences, desires and experiences and consolidated these to match me to the best post for me! Finally, I do enjoy working for Keenan Healthcare, they offer great posts and opportunites and are always on hand at the end of the phone or via email to answer any questions or queries and provide good advice and information. I have already recommended the agency to a number of people so, its safe to say, yes, I would happily recommend the agency!

Felicity T
Occupational Therapist

Working for Keenan Healthcare for me has been nothing but a positive experience. I had qualified as a social worker and to be honest was reluctant about signing up with an agency. Keenan Healthcare rang me one day after I had applied for a post online and made an appointment for me to come down and see them. It was nothing like I had imagined. Very informal and just a chat about what I liked, what sector I wanted to work in and how they could help me. I found this experience very reassuring and it helped calm my nerves about the whole process of working through agency. Keenan Healthcare has been great from start to finish, they take such a personal approach and you know they are only a short phone call or email away to answer and questions or discuss any issues and I have asked A LOT of questions! Sorry!!! Lol. Nothing is ever too much of a bother. Aideen is in regular contact and the personalised touches such as Christmas cards do make you feel like you are part of one big team. I was able to get matched to a post almost immediately. I cannot recommend Keenan Healthcare enough. I am happy, content and well taken care of as a worker within the agency and feel part of the family. I look forward to working with the agency for the foreseeable future and will be recommending them to my social work friends.

Lisa Marie C
Qualified Social Worker

Over the summer months I had been looking for a new job. I spotted what I thought was the perfect job for me which was through Keenan Healthcare. They got in touch with me the exact same day as I sent my CV, on a Wednesday and I started the job the following Monday coming. Anything I have needed Aideen and the team have always been there 24/7 and they will never see you stuck. I love my job and it is a pleasure to come to work. Thanks to all the team.

Jill H
Medical Secretary

My experience with Keenan Healthcare has been extremely positive. They have supported me through my employment matching me with a post that suited me. They are are always on hand if I have any queries. I would be happy to recommend Keenan Healthcare to others.

Fiona R
Qualified Social Worker

I would highly recommend Keenan Healthcare and have done many times. They are very flexible and client centred when getting suitable hours and shifts in roles which I am happy with. I have been with Keenan Healthcare for nearly two years and have a good relationship with my consultant.

Avril McC
Occupational Therapist

I have been working through Keenan Healthcare for a year and a half now and am very happy with the service provided. Keenan Healthcare are a consistently professional agency and no matter how small the problem is they have been gracious, patient and helpful, always resolving an issue if one should arise. Basically Keenan Healthcare get the job done and for me it just happened to be the perfect job. Thank you Aideen and staff.

Hailey H
Residential Support Worker

I have been with Keenan Healthcare for 10 months now. Found them very pleasant and helpful. I have had no issues with anything. Am very happy in my job.

Sally N
Healthcare Support Worker

I can honestly say working for Keenan Healthcare was exceptional. My consultant Aideen Duggan was the best boss I ever had.... She was understanding of my needs as a mother and a grandmother -that my shifts had to work around all my family circle therefore she always got me shifts and the right hospital with no problems what so ever. I would recommend Keenan Healthcare to anyone who wants to work within the hospital environment as I really loved working with this agency and I am going to miss Aideen a lot. She was always there to help me 24 -7 and that a person you call a friend and not a boss.

Eleanor S
Healthcare Support Worker

I have being working for Keenan Healthcare for nearly a year now and it is just like having a full time job. I love working for Keenan and wouldn't choice any other agency. I have never went without any work in a week and the shifts I get always inspire me to do my best. I have found the service provided to be very professional and informative! My consultant is Aideen, she is absolutely brilliant and always goes that extra mile to ensure that you have work and are happy with what you're doing. All staff at Keenan are reliable, helpful and friendly! I would highly recommend Keenan Healthcare.

Kim C
Healthcare Support Worker

I have recently joined Keenan Healthcare and I found Aideen very helpful in all I needed to know. I got matched into the post I requested and I would recommend working for Keenan Healthcare.

Angela McI
Healthcare Support Worker

I completed an Msc in Social Work in July 2012. Subsequently I researched various social care agencies online. I went through the registration process with two well-known agencies and hoped to secure work. However I was disappointed to find their correspondence was very limited despite appropriate placements being advertised on their websites. Despite being proactive, I was not offered any work. I then came across Keenan Healthcare Ltd and went through the registration process. Within a very short period of time, i.e. a couple of weeks, Aideen Duggan arranged an interview which I attended and was soon after, offered a role. I have now been employed for just over two months. I have found Keenan's staff to be very supportive and competent since the very beginning of the process, e.g. any queries I have are always answered promptly and efficiently, the liaisons between myself and my employer are facilitated extremely well by Keenan Healthcare. I would highly recommend this agency to newly qualified social workers and other professionals hoping to secure employment as well as to companies seeking to recruit workers.

Anne M
Qualified Social Worker

I have had my first experience working for an Agency and I would recommend Aideen Duggan at Keenan Healthcare because the whole process has been smooth, encouraging and competent. I was treated with respect and my placement has been very successful. I have recommended Keenan Health Care to others and will continue to do so.

Anne O'D
Charity Administrator

I have a great working relationship with Keenan Healthcare and they have been extremely helpful in finding me a role perfectly suited to my employment needs. Keenan Healthcare have been not only efficient and knowledgeable about the roles they offer, but also highly professional. My recruitment consultant, Aideen Duggan, has been more than helpful and continues to offer support and guidance should I need it. From personal experience, Keenan Healthcare are undoubtedly the most reliable Healthcare agency I have worked with. I would happily recommend anyone interested in a healthcare role to speak with Aideen at Keenan Healthcare.

Deborah W
Residential Support Worker

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Keenan Healthcare. I have found you super helpful and supportive, I was grateful when you facilitated the work assignment at a time of uncertainty for me. I have already recommended you to my colleagues. I have appreciated the professional but friendly service I have received from Keenan.

Elaine McL
Qualified Social Worker

My time working with Keenan Healthcare has been lovely. I really enjoyed being part of the family. I say family because that's how you they made me feel. I will miss you all and I hope that one day Keenan Healthcare expands to England. I would be with you in a heartbeat. Thank you so much for everything that you have done and keep up being the best Healthcare professionals!

Anne McD
Healthcare Support Worker