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Inclusion and Diversity

During Inclusion Week 2021 I am sure you, like myself, came across a lot of Social Media posts from companies and individuals sharing about their culture, diversity, treating people with dignity, being fair and being inclusive; but what does it really mean day to day?   Being from Northern Ireland we are used to having the spotlight shone in our direction, with policies and laws around discrimination, sectarianism and prejudice and how to prevent it.  However this is not the same as Inclusion and there is no legal requirement for an organisation to have an Inclusion and Diversity Policy.  So why do we do it, because it builds community.


Keenan Recruitment approach Inclusion in the way we approach many of our values.  Keenan Recruitment is a family business, therefore we treat our team as our family, a family that live as part of the wider Keenan Community.  We treat Inclusion not as policy but as practice.  Our services are open to all.   We endeavour to answer every call and email and provide the person on the other end with free confidential recruitment advice and guidance, whether we are able to progress to a meeting or interview with potential job opportunities or sign post them to other organisations that best suit their needs. 


Everyone is encouraged to join our mailing lists and social media platforms to become part of our Keenan Community where we talk about Recruitment trends, share best practice and highlight the charitable organisations we partner with.  No one is excluded and everyone can add value and insight creating a diversity in terms of background and prospective.


We regularly ask our Keenan Community for insight into what we can do better, what is working well and listen to understand what supports we can put in place to help.  This has included the Buddy System which started off as an Induction and Information tool but now has progressed to Peer Support and Mentoring and is the foundation of our Online Support Group starting October 2021.  Our Financial Wellbeing package was introduced following training on the impact of financial stress on individuals overall mental health and wellbeing.  This service offers the Keenan Community free independent financial advice on mortgages, leasing, student loans and budgeting as well as other services.  We have sourced expert advice on managing nutrition, physical wellbeing, mental health and career coaching in order to offer the Keenan Community more than just a job.  These services and supports are always evolving as we listen and respond to the people who engage with us. 


Giving back and including our charity partners in our Keenan Community has been one of the most exciting elements of 2021 for us.   The Keenan Community has raised valuable funding and awareness for our official charity partner NSPSCC NI through a variety of fun activities including World Childhood Day campaigns, 7 Peaks Challenges as well as volunteering themselves.  We also participated in the Autism NI Steps Challenge getting us up and about in April after a long lockdown.  During this time we celebrated and supported each other and the Team loved the messages and encouragement coming through.


Our “and what do you do?” online networking Vlog series on You Tube also supported the inclusion of business professionals from across NI that were generous to share their stories with the wider Keenan Community and you responded in kind with the series having over 200 views.  These stories highlighted the diverse range of employment and career opportunities available in NI. 


As we move into the final quarter of 2021 we want to thank all the Keenan Community for getting involved across our social media platforms, contributing to the work we do and letting us know how to help. We are committed to continuously improving our services and supports and want to hear from you on what you would like to see us do next.  Please take this opportunity if you haven’t already to get involved, give a Like here, a comment there or subscribe to our Mailing List or You Tube channel. 


If you want to share some more personal feedback give us a call on 02890447144 or email info@keenanrecruitment.co.uk