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Keenan temps discuss their COVID-19 vaccination

Principal Consultant Kerry Anderson has been talking to some of our Healthcare Support Workers about receiving the COVID-19 vaccination. 

As anticipated, the Health and Social Care Trusts throughout Northern Ireland have offered all front line staff the vaccine, including temporary workers. Feedback from Keenan temps so far has been very positive. 


Karin C. Band 3 Healthcare Support Worker.

Works in the South Eastern Trust through Keenan Recruitment:  


"My name is Karin and I had my COVID-19 Pfizer vaccination last Wednesday 3rd January at 4.30pm at the Ulster Hospital COVID-19 vaccination centre.

I had a few reservations but when I thought of the reality of maybe getting sick and the impact on life, it was to me a no brainer. About 10 years ago I had a really bad chest infection which really scared me and the pain in my side was severe. Afterwards when I recovered it took a long time to get my energy back.

It took a while to get through on the COVID-19 telephone line, however I got an appointment that day and I had to take some  I. D, was given directions and it was all very straightforward.  

On arrival it was busy but well organised and socially distanced. I had to wait in a queue for about 15 minutes and was then directed into the vaccination cubicle. Everyone was friendly, I had a lovely junior doctor who asked me questions about my health, and gave me my vaccination. I was given leaflets and a helpline should I have any side effects which also were explained to me in person. I was given a seat and told to wait for 15 minutes to ensure I was ok afterwards. I waited and was called to make sure again I was ok and direct me to where I would get me next appointment.  

Everyone was helpful and friendly and it seemed like there was a good uptake from all staff. I haven’t had any side effects apart from a sore arm for about two days. I feel relieved and have not had any other side effects."


Patricia D. Band 2 Healthcare Support Worker.

Works in the Northern Trust through Keenan Recruitment:


"Around the same day that Keenan Recruitment were asking if we would consider having the vaccine, I was working in Antrim Area Hospital on Ward A 1. The ward Sister needed a list of names of anyone wanting to be vaccinated that day in a ward on floor C, especially set up to administer the vaccines. I would normally be hesitant about this but Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses and other Healthcare workers were keen to go, so I also received the first part of the vaccination (Pfizer Biotech)  on that day 23rd December. 

We had to queue for about an hour.  Maybe 12 staff were seated at once on the ward and two Nurses administered the jab. There were also staff keeping us informed and sanitising all chairs etc.

The atmosphere was good with the odd funny moment. (A verbal questionnaire was done to make sure there was no history of allergies).   

I personally would not have been allowed the vaccine that day had I not had my NI number and Health Number on my phone. NHS staff didn’t need this only a pin .

I had no after effects .We got a record card to keep with a space for recording the second part of the vaccine.  I believe the COVID-19 vaccination certainly put my mind at ease."



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