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Looking after yourself to help you look after others

During Carers Week it is important to reflect and appreciate the caring role we play in our work and in our personal lives helping and supporting others.   Our resilience levels are being tested like never before during COVID and the team have been testing out some Health and Well-being methodologies, including Self Care Cards from professionals at www.SelfCarePsychology.com



They have built on the work they completed with Social Workers and have expanded their resources to include all Front Line Workers


The Self Care Cards can be downloaded for FREE at https://www.selfcarepsychology.com/free-covid-19-resources  . 


You can print or share the cards with your friends and colleagues and they range from singing and dancing to reflective practices, documenting and acknowledging our own feelings and reaching out to others. So why not get started today, taking inspiration from Carer’s Week to take care of ourselves in order to care for each other.


Our favourite self-care tip involves gratitude:


"When faced with restrictions on daily life, and the threat of the pandemic, being grateful may seem counterintuitive. But I bet we are all already missing things we previously took for granted. Taking the time to be grateful for what we have is proven to positively influence our well-being. Making ourselves think about what we are grateful for every day forces us to think differently and reframes our lives and experiences in a positive way."


Within the Business Community we are preparing to open the offices again, and are strategically planning for the return of our workforce. Some may look at a blended approach to stagger staff within the offices.

We urge you to be mindful of the impact COVID may have had on members of your workforce, either directly or indirectly. Empathy and trust should form the base of your firm and staff should feel they can talk openly and ask for help if needed. 


Things to think about as you open your offices after lock down:

How can I facilitate working parents?

What can I change our opening hours to?

Do I need a full compliment of staff physically in the office during operational hours?

What signs do I need to look our for as our team return to the workplace?



If you are interested in speaking to us confidentially regarding supporting your team back to work after furlough / lock down, please call T: 028 90447144 or email info@keenanrecruitment.co.uk