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NI Mental Health Charter within the workplace

Laura-Lee recently attended a seminar discussing how employers are implementing the NI Mental Health Charter within the workplace.  As part of this Keenan Healthcare have signed up to create a workplace culture that promotes equality of opportunity and respect for those with mental ill health.  Laura-Lee heard from speakers including health care professionals and HR specialists on how they have embedded policies, procedures and promoted best practice to support their employees managing mental ill health and also educate staff to end stigma and myth bust around mental health and disabilities.


The numbers and statistics for mental ill health are startling and a wakeup call.  Organisations must listen up and take action. We have a duty of care to protect our employees mental health. 



The speakers gave examples of both ‘Quick Wins’ and longer term Wellness and Wellbeing strategies, and signposted to specialists in training and education within the mental health sector in order to find resources to implement and deliver the aims of the Mental Health Charter.  


The inspiring talks based on real-life experiences and case studies helped to reinforce that mental ill health can come to us all and that we need to respond with empathy and provide practical as well as emotional support to our colleagues. 


Keenan rolled out a Health &Well-being package in January 2019 for all temporary staff who work through us. Through this we have helped many temps with financial worries by signposting free of charge and in confidence to our partner for this project Kith & Kin Financial. Reports have told us that several temps have secured mortgages as first time buyers and many have set up debt management plans, pensions and wills. 

For more information on how you can avail of the Health & Well-being package, please contact Mark Duggan at Keenan T: 02890511480 or mark.duggan@keenanhealthcare.co.uk 


Sign up to the Mental Health Charter at www.equalityni.org 


Get resources from the Royal College of Psychiatrists https://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/improving-care/campaigning-for-better-mental-health-policy


The Public Health Agency also has a list of all the directory services for anyone who needs to access mental health services.  Find out more at  https://publichealth.hscni.net/publications/directory-services-help-improve-mental-health-and-emotional-wellbeing